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The Best Casino Games Just Became Even Better!

In the same way that we differ in our choices of foods or beverages, we all have our own preferences when we’re playing online. Although it’s possible to learn the rules of all the casino games, there will always be a few that you fall back on. However, the software developers are becoming ever-more innovative, and the special features that are included in some of the titles are incredibly inventive. Even if you have a few firm favorites that you always fall back upon, you might want to explore some of the newer releases. There are plenty of them that are worth a second look. 

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Slots and Video Poker are the Most Popular

In terms of popularity, slots hold the first place. In fact, they are way out front as being the most played versions at the online casinos. This is possibly due to the simplicity, as these games don’t require any particular strategy. Moreover, they are fun to play. Every title is full of bright colors and entertaining features that will easily keep you entertained. The second most popular choice is video poker. In many ways, this is also to be expected. It is, perhaps, the only genre that hasn’t changed over the years, either in terms of design or mechanics, and it is the best option for players who like an element of familiarity and nostalgia in their gaming. 

The Features of the Slot Machines

Slot machines always have a number of spinning reels. The classic, and perhaps the most iconic, are the 3-reel ones. These have a single payline and contain the more traditional symbols, such as bells and fruit. The modern 3D video versions have 5 reels, or sometimes more, and have multiple paylines that crisscross over the screen to provide a whole host of winning combinations. They have an array of special features too, such as bonus rounds, wild and scatter symbols, and multipliers. They tend to be based around a story or a theme and are packed with animated elements that really bring the action to life. You’ll very often find titles in this category that are linked to a movie or a television series. There are also progressives, which are the variants with larger jackpots. In these games, the prize fund continues to increase all the time, until it is finally won. 

The Most Renowned Table Game

The table games continue to be the favorite category for many players. This selection is usually divided into card and roulette sections on the websites. Blackjack remains the best-known and the most popular choice for players. This is, most likely, because it suits the atmosphere of the online casinos. It’s fast, the rules are simple, and you only have one opponent to face – the dealer! You’ll always find the traditional version available, but there are usually some variants listed too. Many of these have some additional options open to you during play, such as side bets, which can spice up the action. Titles in this area that are worth checking out include Spanish 21, Surrender, Pontoon, and Switch.

The Three Main Versions of Roulette

The Main Versions of Roulette at Online CasinosWhenever players are asked to choose the best casino games, roulette is consistently placed in the top 3, and it’s pretty easy to see why. It simply exudes style, and the speed of play adds to the excitement. It’s worth knowing that there are actually three versions around, and that most of the online venues list them all. The main difference between the European and the American versions is the number of pockets. The American variant has an extra one – the double zero – and this greatly increases the house edge. The European game has side wagers, known as call or racetrack bets. These are sets of numbers, all of which have different odds. The US version has only one 5-number side bet. In this, both the zeroes, 1, 2, and 3 are covered. The other possibility is French roulette. This is close to its European cousin in terms of design, but it has two additional rules. La Partage gives you the chance to recover half your stake, and En Prison allows you to leave your bet on the table for the next spin. 

Poker at the Online Casinos

Poker is one of the mainstays at all casinos, and for many, the word has almost become synonymous with the image of gambling. It conjures up visions of people sitting around a table with chips piled up and cards being dealt. The game itself is one of strategy, and so it is popular with players who like to add some tactics to their gaming. There are several variants that you may come across at the online venues. Texas Hold’em differs because there are 5 community cards set out during play, and these can be used to create a winning combination. Caribbean Stud Poker is played against the house, and the objective is to get a hand that is higher than the dealer’s. There is also a 3-card version which is commonly found. This has an interesting set of side bets and is great for newcomers. 

Some Other Table Games on Offer

There are some alternative table games that you might come across at the online casinos. Craps is one of the most well-known and involves predicting where the two dice will come to rest after they’ve been rolled. Sic Bo follows a similar format but is played with three dice. Another you could try is Red Dog. In this, you’ll be guessing whether the value of the third card is higher or lower than the first two. Pai Gow combines the best of the ancient Chinese game with the standard rules of poker, and the overall aim is to beat the dealer. You are dealt 7 cards and you must divide them into two hands. The first 5 become the highest and the other two are the second-highest. The first five are scored in the same way as any poker round, but the second set will either count as a matching pair or as individual cards. 

Who Makes the Best Online Casino Games?

While many software providers hold worldwide recognition for helping in the construction of the online casino industry, only some are regarded as the all-time shining examples of our digital age. Of course, just like in any other industry, awards are given out to the most successful and proven developers. This further solidifies their place in the history of gambling. Today, some of those achievement holders are the same companies that created the first online casino games nearly two decades ago. Among the most reputable of these are Playtech, Microgaming, and NetEnt. 

Games Available for All Types of Platforms

Although online casino games have collected quite a following over the years, they were originally intended to be played on a personal computer. Today, however, with the introduction of modern mobile technologies, a player can use their smartphone or tablet to access almost any title wherever and whenever they please. You will sometimes have the option of downloading a native app from either the Apple Store or Google Play. These apps are usually able to run on Windows, Apple iOS, and Android. You will occasionally come across those that are compatible with Blackberry, too. Alternatively, you can opt for the in-browser version and log onto the website directly from your device. At nowadays the new online casino sites have a bit of an advantage of offering their entire catalog of games and the chance to be played everywhere and anywhere.

The Excitement of the Live Dealer Games!

Since the establishment of online gambling, there have been several technological advances that have moved the industry onto a new stage of development. One of these was the introduction of the live dealer versions. This innovation took gaming to a different level. The whole scenario is the closest you’ll get to playing in a real, land-based venue, but you will be experiencing everything from the comfort of your own home. The action all takes place in real time, so you’ll be watching everything as it happens. There are, however, some elements that might be considered as drawbacks.

The games often run at a slower pace than their virtual counterparts. Also, the minimum stakes can be a little higher, and the variety of games is a tad smaller. That said, there is still plenty of choice available, and tables for all kinds of pockets, so you’re bound to find something that’s suitable for you. 

RNGs Mean the Cheat Factor Is Non-Existent

Back in the day, there was one challenge that both the players and the establishments had to battle with, and that was cheating. There was always an underlying lack of trust, and history showed that neither party had any reason to put their faith in the other. The introduction of online casinos brought about the use of random number generators, commonly referred to as RNGs. This piece of software makes it impossible to predict or to rig anything, and so the outcomes of the games are always completely arbitrary. To ensure that everything remains fair at all times, the majority of the leading venues undergo regular audits by both the government-sponsored bodies and by independent companies. 

Free Play or Demo Versions Are Available

Before you engage in any real-money gaming, it’s best to have some practice in a risk-free zone. Many of the online casinos have a free play option on their sites and will give you some pretend funds so you can experience a few of their offerings before you commit any of your own cash to them. This is a great option for two key reasons. The first is that you can fully explore the rules and the mechanics of the games on offer. The second is that you can try out several of the titles to see which one will be best for you. In many cases, you don’t need to register to take advantage of the demo versions, but you may need to open an account at some to gain full access to the website. Also, you should note that if you are accessing the site from your mobile device, the free play option isn’t usually available.

Different Games and Different Wagering Requirements

When you deposit a sum of money into your online casino account, there are usually some requirements that you will need to fulfill prior to withdrawing any winnings. This is especially pertinent if you have accepted one of the welcome promotions. There will be an amount of playthrough attached to the offer, and this is expressed as a figure, such as 35x. In this scenario, you will have to play through the initial deposit and bonus thirty-five times before you can withdraw any of your funds. Each of the categories of games has its own contribution rate, so you’ll need to verify the percentages before you play. In most cases, slots will be valued at 100%, but many of the table versions will only give you 20%. Of course, every casino has its own policy in regard to that rule, so you should check out the terms and conditions page on the website.

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The Fun of Playing Casino Games Online!

Whether it’s purely for fun, or in the hope of hitting one of the jackpots, many people like to engage in a little online gambling from time to time. There is an enormous selection of titles to choose from, with all kinds of slots and table games on offer, as well as a decent range of video poker. There are the live games too, plus the option of going mobile, so that you can play your favorites from any location. It goes without saying that online gaming is a hobby that can be expensive. However, with most sites offering a full range of promotions and demo versions, it really is easy to get involved at little or no cost. You can simply browse through a few of the casinos until you’ve found something that catches your eye, and then you can try it out for free.